I’m slowly moving all my photos over to Flickr. You can see them at my Flickr user page. I may also be switching web hosts, but that transition should be relatively seamless if/when it happens.

At some point, my current photos site will be replaced by a wordpress plugin that pulls the images from Flickr. This is a plugin I’m writing, and intend to release in case others might find it useful, but there are a few other things I need to add before I release it. If anyone has a suggestion for what to call this plugin, I’m intererested in hearing it. I’m currently calling it “Simplr”, for “Simple Flickr”, but it turns out that there’s already a WordPress theme with that name, so I’m leaning away from that now. “Wickr” (WordPress + Flickr) is also taken. I want something that’s somewhat indicative of what the plugin does, but I don’t want anything that has the full word “Flickr” or “WordPress” in the name, because that could be considered a trademark violation. I also want something that’s easy to pronounce and reasonably easy to spell, so “Eakr” and “Eackr” (easy + Flickr) are also out. Anyway, leave me a comment if you’ve got a good suggestion.

You know, I understand how my post on The First Rule of Productivity got Google ads for cleaning products. I totally get that. I used cleaning as an example.

But tell me, why does my post on Judging Based on Appearances have ads related to things like women’s stockings, and panties, and drag queen dresses?

Google Ads

Slacker Stuff

February 11th, 2007

Well, after making the frontpage of Reddit, Digg, and Del.icio.us Popular, it looks like the traffic to Former Slacker has finally died down.  All told, the site got over thirty-eight thousand visits over the past three days.  I put up a post discussing how Reddit and Digg killed the server over there.  Traffic continued to flow in after that post, but at a much more manageable rate.

On another note, I’ve put up Google Adsense ads on that site.  I tried to make them as unobtrusive as possible.  I’m not sure if they’ll really make me any money, but I can’t see any real reason why I shouldn’t put them up.  Just for reference, if the average visitor were worth one cent, I would have made three-hundred eighty dollars from the surge.  I have no idea if the average visitor is worth a penny in advertising revenue, though.  Maybe I would have only made a buck fifty.  Nonetheless, I’m going to see what happens.  It’d be nice if I could get enough from them to cover my hosting fees, at least.

Also, please don’t go clicking on the ads trying to make me money.  If Google starts seeing anything that looks like fraud, I’ll get my account terminated.

I’m getting rid of the subdomains. They don’t do anything useful for me. So now, instead of blog.gelaed.com or photos.gelaed.com, it’s gelaed.com/blog and gelaed.com/photos. I’ll leave the subdomains working for now, but I’m probably going to kill them in a week or so. (Actually photos.gelaed.com won’t really work, starting now, but that’s really an issue with ZenPhoto.)

So basically, update your bookmarks, links, feed readers, whatever.

Sorry for the hassle.

I started a new site about a month ago: Former Slacker. Basically, I’m intending it to be personal development, productivity, etc. Yesterday I posted an article entitled 9 Resume Tips That Should Be Screechingly Obvious (But Apparently Aren’t), and submitted it to Reddit. It climbed to the Reddit front page yesterday, and since then, it’s gotten about 9000 visitors, and around 700 feed subscribers. It’s managed to make it onto the front page of Del.icio.us popular, as well, along with some exposure on several other sites.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed, and quite happy. The site is barely a month old.

Just thought you might find all this interesting.

New icon

January 9th, 2007

Also, I changed the “favicon” for my website today. If you’re not viewing this via an rss aggregator, you should be able to see the new icon in your URL bar. If you can’t see it yet, it might just take your browser a while to update it. You can also view it directly if you want. Not too exciting, but there you go.

Vintage 2003

January 3rd, 2007

The old contents of gelaed.com are now available at 2003.gelaed.com. 2003 is the last year the old site was visibly updated.

Back in Business

January 3rd, 2007

This website is back up and running. I’m giving it a fresh start. I’ll now be blogging right here, and posting images in the photo gallery.

There will still be some changes as I fiddle with the style and such, so please excuse any glitches.