I hate traveling

March 22nd, 2008

I’m stuck in Tampa. I was supposed to leave at 12:47, now I’m rescheduled for 5:30, and who knows if I’ll actually get out then. I hate this crap. I’m stuck in the damned airport all afternoon, and maybe longer. Ugh.

I ordered three Christmas gifts yesterday.  All three were and are marked in stock.  All three say I can get them tomorrow if I order now and select one-day shipping.

So what’s the expected shipping date for my order?  November 26.  What the hell?  Come on, Amazon.  You always do this to me.  It’s like we have this abusive relationship.  You treat me like crap, but I always come back because you’re such a charmer.  Why do you treat me so?

Technological Progress

November 18th, 2007

I just got this cool, new thing installed at my apartment. They call it running water. It’s really amazing. I turn a handle, and water just jumps out of a pipe in the wall. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve got like six of these pipes installed, and they all spit out clean water whenever I want.

I just took what I like to call a standing bath, but I think it’s technically called a “shower”, or something like that. I also used this thing called a “water closet” and “flushed” it when I was finished. I even flushed it again just for kicks! And then I washed my hands under one of those running water pipes. Cleanliness is next to godliness, you know.

All in all, it really is awe-inspiring. It’s only the year 2007 A.D., and I’ve already got running water in my house. The future has never looked brighter!

Still No Water

November 18th, 2007

So I talked to my landlord around 8:00 last night. Turns out that the water problem is on their side of things. Supposedly he told the plumber to come check it out early yesterday afternoon, but he apparently didn’t. The plumber didn’t get here until about an hour after I talked to my landlord. And then didn’t really do anything except cut off the water to stop it from flooding the back yard

It’s been almost 24 hours since my water went out, and it’s still not working. I can look out back and see that they’ve dug a pretty big hole, presumably around the broken connection. I can also see that ther’s no one actually out there now, though, so I assume that the pipe is supposed to fix itself.

I think I’m going to either call up a coworker or head to the turner center to take a shower soon. I’ve got no idea how long it will be before my water comes back on, and I’ve got no desire to spend the day gross again.

No Water

November 17th, 2007

So my water’s not working. It’s been out since shortly after I woke up. This wouldn’t be so bad if I’d taken a shower immediately after waking up, but I didn’t. I figured I’d take an hour “soon”, only the water went out “sooner”, so now it’s almost six pm, and I still haven’t been able to take a shower.

This is seriously lame. About two or three hours ago I passed from feeling gross to feeling disgusting. I haven’t gotten anything done today because I can’t leave my house, due to the fact that I look like I haven’t had a shower in 36 hours. I can’t shower. I can’t wash dishes. I can’t do laundry. I’m brushing my teeth and washing my hands with bottled water. Damn it.

I’ve got no idea what’s going on. I called my landlord mid-afternoon, but he was at the game and we couldn’t hear each other. It’s not really his fault/problem anyway, but I wanted to find out if anyone had at least notified the city, or whoever, that our water is out. I don’t even know who to contact about this.

At some point, I’ll probably break down and try to take a “bath” with the rest of my Ozarka. I somehow doubt that it will be very effective, and I’ll probably end up spending the rest of the night covered in soap. Might be an improvement over feeling greasy.

What is it with people being afraid, or ashamed, of putting certain words into text form?  Is this really the behavior of mature adults?  Now, I’m not saying that it’s necessarily appropriate to fill an article with obscenities, but if you’re going to curse, then do it right.  Don’t go bowdlerizing yourself.  It makes you look silly and childish.

It’s bad enough that people type “sh!tty” in their blogs when what they really want to say is “shitty”, but newspapers do this stuff, too.  From the associated press:

Derogatory terms for homosexuality have long been used as insults. But the landscape has become confusing in recent years as minority groups have tried to reclaim terms like “queer,” “ghetto” and the n-word.

Seriously, “the n-word”?  Who decided that “queer” is okay, but “nigger” isn’t?  Is suppressing certain words really supposed to help society?  How, exactly?

Grow up.  If you want to use a “dirty” word, just use the word.  Don’t censor yourself.  It makes you look like an idiot.  If you aren’t comfortable using the word “fuck” in writing, then just don’t use it.  Don’t turn it into “f*ck” as if that somehow changes it.

If you want to quote someone who cursed, then leave the curse in there, spelled out.  If you’re uncomfortable leaving the word in, then don’t use the quote.  You’ve got no business changing someone else’s words.  Jimmy called Sue a “bitch”, not a “b–ch”.

Just don’t use the words if you aren’t willing to use them correctly.  No one’s going to think less of you for saying that some movie was “excellent” instead of “fucking great”, or “horrible” instead of “shitty”.  But if you say the movie was “f—ing great” or “sh*tty”, it’s not exactly giving off a great impression.