My parents gave me a new camera a few days ago. Thanksgiving presents, who knew? It’s a Canon PowerShot SD1000. I quite like it. I know certain people will complain that it doesn’t have image stabilization. To those people, I say pft! It’s teeny, it’s intuitive, and it does everything I need. Getting the image stabilization would have been 38% more expensive, and the camera wouldn’t be as small.

I took a few quick pictures of the Christmas tree. These were taken in pretty bad conditions, but they turned out fairly well, I think. A little image processing to clean them up wouldn’t hurt, but I didn’t bother. Maybe later.

I was surprised how well some of the non-flash images turned out, especially this picture of Leon. It’s quite crisp, considering the low-light condition. The shutter was open an eigth of a second, which is longer than I’d have thought I’d be able to hold my hand steady. I used the timer so I wouldn’t be pressing the shutter button when the image actually snapped (but I was still holding the camera). I’m not sure if it really helped to reduce the shakiness, or if the camera just did a good job.

New Photo Albums Up

October 8th, 2007

I just put up several additional photo albums. These were all on Kristen’s camera, so after inserting chronologically into the existing albums, they’re not on the front page for the most part. So here are links to the newly-added albums.

That’s all. Enjoy.

Clean shavenSo, I shaved my goatee on Saturday, pretty much on a whim. It’s been at least three years since I’ve actually seen my chin. I tossed a few pictures up.

I’ve been taking my comprehensive exams lately. I took two last week, and one today. My last one will be Wednesday. I feel pretty confident about them. I was expecting them to be really bad, but honestly, they haven’t been. Of course, I might find out in two weeks that I failed them all, but hopefully not. I’ll let you know.

I’m getting rid of the subdomains. They don’t do anything useful for me. So now, instead of or, it’s and I’ll leave the subdomains working for now, but I’m probably going to kill them in a week or so. (Actually won’t really work, starting now, but that’s really an issue with ZenPhoto.)

So basically, update your bookmarks, links, feed readers, whatever.

Sorry for the hassle.