Wave invites

December 3rd, 2009

I have a few Google Wave invites. Let me know if you want one. (It will probably take a while between me sending the invite and you receiving it, though. They’re really slow for some reason.)

  1. William Furr Says:

    They’re slow because you don’t actually send an invite. You instead request for an invite to be sent. So you add someone to the queue, and they issue the actual invites at their own pace.

    I have a bunch too, if anyone wants one.

  2. Derek Park Says:

    I know that they go into an internal queue. I just find it strange that they take so long from there. 3 days seems like a really long time for an invite to be sent. If they don’t have the capacity yet, I don’t see why they are giving out so many “nominations”. If they do have the capacity, why the long wait. Doesn’t really matter. Just strange.

    I actually do have one that would be “instant”, because it’s another invite that someone sent me. I could forward that one and it would work immediately. Of course then you’d have some random person from Reddit in your contacts. . .