I’m slowly moving all my photos over to Flickr. You can see them at my Flickr user page. I may also be switching web hosts, but that transition should be relatively seamless if/when it happens.

At some point, my current photos site will be replaced by a wordpress plugin that pulls the images from Flickr. This is a plugin I’m writing, and intend to release in case others might find it useful, but there are a few other things I need to add before I release it. If anyone has a suggestion for what to call this plugin, I’m intererested in hearing it. I’m currently calling it “Simplr”, for “Simple Flickr”, but it turns out that there’s already a WordPress theme with that name, so I’m leaning away from that now. “Wickr” (WordPress + Flickr) is also taken. I want something that’s somewhat indicative of what the plugin does, but I don’t want anything that has the full word “Flickr” or “WordPress” in the name, because that could be considered a trademark violation. I also want something that’s easy to pronounce and reasonably easy to spell, so “Eakr” and “Eackr” (easy + Flickr) are also out. Anyway, leave me a comment if you’ve got a good suggestion.

  1. spark Says:

    flickr + wordpress = flickpress or wordflick or wpickr.
    flickr + plugin = flickin

    That’s all I’ve got.

  2. Derek Park Says:

    Well, at least you made some suggestions. No one else did. :)

    Flickin’s not bad. I’d say that’s tied with my other choice Wockr (WOrdpress + fliCKR), maybe even a little better.

  3. spark Says:

    Well, if you go with “flickin” you can have a little illustration of someone “flickin’” their pics from a flickr account to their wordpress blog. I guess this illustration could go on the plugin page or something. It’d be cute!

  4. Derek Park Says:

    I think you greatly overestimate my illustration skills. :)