My parents gave me a new camera a few days ago. Thanksgiving presents, who knew? It’s a Canon PowerShot SD1000. I quite like it. I know certain people will complain that it doesn’t have image stabilization. To those people, I say pft! It’s teeny, it’s intuitive, and it does everything I need. Getting the image stabilization would have been 38% more expensive, and the camera wouldn’t be as small.

I took a few quick pictures of the Christmas tree. These were taken in pretty bad conditions, but they turned out fairly well, I think. A little image processing to clean them up wouldn’t hurt, but I didn’t bother. Maybe later.

I was surprised how well some of the non-flash images turned out, especially this picture of Leon. It’s quite crisp, considering the low-light condition. The shutter was open an eigth of a second, which is longer than I’d have thought I’d be able to hold my hand steady. I used the timer so I wouldn’t be pressing the shutter button when the image actually snapped (but I was still holding the camera). I’m not sure if it really helped to reduce the shakiness, or if the camera just did a good job.

  1. seleena Says:

    I hope I’m not the only fool who clicks the link to the image of “Leon” and actually expects an image of a person.

    I was going to write you to let you know you linked the wrong image…then realised it was a snowman. Guess I should have viewed the images before the blog entry.

  2. spell checker Says:

    Incorrect spelling: everthing