Still No Water

November 18th, 2007

So I talked to my landlord around 8:00 last night. Turns out that the water problem is on their side of things. Supposedly he told the plumber to come check it out early yesterday afternoon, but he apparently didn’t. The plumber didn’t get here until about an hour after I talked to my landlord. And then didn’t really do anything except cut off the water to stop it from flooding the back yard

It’s been almost 24 hours since my water went out, and it’s still not working. I can look out back and see that they’ve dug a pretty big hole, presumably around the broken connection. I can also see that ther’s no one actually out there now, though, so I assume that the pipe is supposed to fix itself.

I think I’m going to either call up a coworker or head to the turner center to take a shower soon. I’ve got no idea how long it will be before my water comes back on, and I’ve got no desire to spend the day gross again.