No Water

November 17th, 2007

So my water’s not working. It’s been out since shortly after I woke up. This wouldn’t be so bad if I’d taken a shower immediately after waking up, but I didn’t. I figured I’d take an hour “soon”, only the water went out “sooner”, so now it’s almost six pm, and I still haven’t been able to take a shower.

This is seriously lame. About two or three hours ago I passed from feeling gross to feeling disgusting. I haven’t gotten anything done today because I can’t leave my house, due to the fact that I look like I haven’t had a shower in 36 hours. I can’t shower. I can’t wash dishes. I can’t do laundry. I’m brushing my teeth and washing my hands with bottled water. Damn it.

I’ve got no idea what’s going on. I called my landlord mid-afternoon, but he was at the game and we couldn’t hear each other. It’s not really his fault/problem anyway, but I wanted to find out if anyone had at least notified the city, or whoever, that our water is out. I don’t even know who to contact about this.

At some point, I’ll probably break down and try to take a “bath” with the rest of my Ozarka. I somehow doubt that it will be very effective, and I’ll probably end up spending the rest of the night covered in soap. Might be an improvement over feeling greasy.

  1. seleena Says:

    I don’t suppose your utilities are all with one company like mine? That’s who I call if I have questions, but it’s kind of easy to figure out who to call since they are all one company…

    Sorry, it sucks. My water goes out on occasion too, but not usually for very long. Yesterday, the water went out again, but was back on in about an hour or so. I dunno why it goes out, and since it comes back rather quickly, I haven’t bothered calling to inquire about it. But yeah, it sucks.

    Well, if all else fails, run down to the store and grab a box of baby wipes. Seriously, better than being icky. Won’t clean your hair all that well, so I’d avoid the hair, but will clean the rest of you a bit.

  2. William Furr Says:

    Go on campus and use the Turner Center.

    On an entirely unrelated note, I read the article in the Ole Miss Engineering magazine thing about GTS. Nice. :)

  3. Derek Park Says:

    Nope, the only utility I pay is electricity. The rest are handled by the landlord. So I really have no idea who’s supposed to be in charge of my water. It turns out that it was on my landlord’s side, though, so it’s kind of moot.

    I’ll probably call up a friend today and borrow their shower, because my water’s still not back on. Next time I go to the store, though, I might actually pick up some baby wipes (and a few gallons of distilled water) to have on hand in case this happens again.

    Turner center was closed yesterday, because it was a game day. I would have gone there otherwise.

    Someone showed me the GTS profile in the engineering magazine, too. I was going to take it home to my parents, but it turns out they actually got one addressed to me. I’m not even sure how they managed that, though, since I’ve never used their current address for anything at school. I use my address for everything, and the school still has their address from 2 or 3 years ago on file.