Comprehensive Exams

October 29th, 2007

Oh, by the way. I passed my comps, all four on the first attempt. Apparently I’m only the 4th person ever in our department to accomplish that, and the first American. I’m not sure if that says more about me or the other Ph.D. students in the department. Whatever. I’m just happy to be done with them.

  1. Bill Says:

    Woot! Congratulations! Now you just have to write and defend your dissertation, right?

  2. Derek Park Says:

    Yeah. Just the easy part now. ;)

  3. Andrew Says:

    Awesome! I always told people you were smart, despite years and years of evidence to the contrary, and now I’ve finally been vindicated.

  4. Derek Park Says:

    I truly appreciate your unwavering support, sir.

  5. seleena Says:


  6. Jerry Says: