So, I was in Borders browsing for a new book, when I walked past the “graphic novels” section.  You can roughly translate that as “thick manga books” if you want, since that’s what 99 percent of graphic novels are.  There was one guy there, thumbing through some manga, mouthbreathing and generally looking unwashed.  As I walked past, he took that very moment to adjust himself.

What’s so unusual about this that it deserves a blog post (when I post maybe once a month lately)?  Nothing.  The guy I just described is probably the average manga reader, which is why if you read graphic novels, you probably should keep it to yourself.

  1. Andrew Says:


  2. seleena Says:

    Manga?! Where’s my wiki link?

    How you expect me to get educated without the link? I had to go and look this one up all on my own. ho hum.

    (I’m far more disturbed with the guy’s need to readjust himself in public. Ladies don’t do this. Neither should the boys…)