You know, I understand how my post on The First Rule of Productivity got Google ads for cleaning products. I totally get that. I used cleaning as an example.

But tell me, why does my post on Judging Based on Appearances have ads related to things like women’s stockings, and panties, and drag queen dresses?

Google Ads

  1. Ben Says:

    Do you use the same AdSense account for your other web site? You know, :)

  2. seleena Says:

    Umm, I don’t know why but I’m really curious as to what a “drag queen” dress is versus a regular dress. I tried to find that ad and click it but it seems to be gone now. Oh well, I guess I’ll never know.

  3. seleena Says:

    Oh, duh.

    So basically they are just really ugly dresses with lots of sparkles. Good to know.

  4. William Furr Says:

    I can’t think of anything not offensive to say to this one.