So, I finally got around to scraping a razor across my face today, after over two weeks of facial hair growth. I was going to shave on Friday, but I realized I was out of shaving cream and fresh razor blades.

It turns out that two weeks of growth leaves me quite scruffy looking. Kristen told me I looked homeless. If my clothes weren’t at least clean, she’d probably be right. The hair outside of my goatee area (which I’d trimmed a couple of times in the past two weeks) was getting pretty close to a half inch.

It was surprisingly not too bad shaving it this morning. Normally if I’ve got a lot of facial hair, shaving is a pain (literally), but this morning I lathered really well, used a fresh blade, and made short strokes. The hair came off with pretty much no pain. Of course, it turns out that I missed a few hairs on my neck. I didn’t notice them until a half an hour ago. I guess I’ll be doing a touch-up shave tonight.

I’ve been thinking about switching to a proper safety razor. The people who use them swear by them, and the blades are cheaper to boot. I could buy about 20 replacement blades for a safety razor for the price of just 4 Mach III blade cartridges. The safety razor itself would only cost a little more than a 12-pack of Mach II cartridges.

When I actually take the time to look at the actual cost of using Mach III blades, it’s not that costly. Each blade costs ~2 dollars, so if I replaced the blade every day (which I don’t) and shaved 7 times a week (which I obviously don’t), it would only cost me $14 each week, which in the grand scheme of things, really just isn’t that much. Still, plunking down 20 bucks on a pack of cartridges hurts, especially when the the 12 pack of Bic disposables is right there, and only costs $3.

  1. Rebekah Says:

    Try shaving your armpits. It’s the greatest thing ever (wink, wink)

  2. Derek Park Says:

    Nah. I’ll leave that one to the professionals.

  3. William Furr Says:


  4. Martha Says:

    OK. That video had me falling out of my chair! How do you find those things? Anyway, I agree with Rebekah — but the worst is shaving your ankles!!!